VIDEO: Taiwanese animation captures Game 7 of NBA Finals

Game 7 of the 2013 NBA Finals was an incredible display of intensity and basketball, especially after the legendary Game 6 that we saw on Tuesday night. The Taiwanese animators that make all of those amazing animation videos have already captured the essence of Game 7 in video form.

The highlights include: 

  • Tim Duncan being old and using a walker.
  • Heat fans leaving early.
  • LeBron James and Duncan apparently involved in some American Gladiators competition.
  • Duncan crushing James and Dwyane Wade with his Rascal scooter before throwing down a dunk on said scooter.
  • Manu Ginobili playing horribly.
  • James passing to himself.
  • Shane Battier turning into Stephen Curry.
  • Chris Bosh not being able to score on a basket with a lid. Remember he had zero points on Thursday night.
  • And the Nike executives who gambled by producing the LeBron James 2x champion shoe.
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