VIDEO: The top 50 dunks of 2012-2013

I don't really have to set this one up for you, do I? It's pretty self-explanatory, the top 50 dunks of the 2012-2013 season, via Reddit


Some thoughts.

1.Jeff Teague is a really underrated dunker. He does the full cock-back, has good body style on it, and has fierceness. 

2. That Andre Iguodala dunk over Josh Smith was a really perfect extension, and everything involved was actually necessary. He actually needed to cock back and adjust around him to make the dunk happen. 

3. You really realize how good Kevin Durant is as a dunker in this video. He keeps appearing about every three or four. 

4. Welcome back, Jeff Green

5.  That Rudy Gay minicradle rock was really good. 

6. I think it's a legitimate question if this was a top five or even top three year for dunks, considering that top 10 and the DeAndre-kills-Brandon-Knight/LeBron-on-Terry/Crawford-between-the-legs-alley-oop combo. 

7. Kobe's up-and-under at No. 16 is amazing for a dude his age. 

8. I miss Russell Westbrook

9. Even if I were physically able, I could never be an NBA player because I don't have the mental makeup. LeBron drives at me and I'm running away. 

10. Gerald Henderson needs more pub for his jam ability. 

11. The Suns had a bad time of it this year. 

12. But not as bad as Brandon Knight.

13. Josh Smith grabbed the rebound, went coast-to-coast, and finished over a seven-footer, even if it was Brook Lopez (No. 10). That's why Detroit paid for him.

14. Jeff Green's hook dunk at No. 9 was stylistically very cool and unique. 

15. For the 100th time, Kobe did not dunk on Josh Smith at No. 8. Awesome dunk, well worth its spot in the top ten. Didn't get Josh, he was behind him. 

16. How has Blake Griffin not broken a backboard yet? 

17. Harrison Barnes is a bad, bad man. 

18. Little irritated that the between-the-legs is No. 4. That was unique, incredible, is usually choreographed, etc. 

19. I really thought LeBron sent Terry through the floorboards when I saw No. 3 live. 

20. I recognize the difficulty in No. 2, but it just didn't have the same impact. 

21. R.I.P. Brandon Knight. R.I.P. 

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