VIDEO: The unshakable, unbreakable Steven Adams on NBA toughness

Oklahoma City Thunder rookie Steven Adams is tough. The New Zealand native was drafted last June with low expectations from many analysts (including this one), and instead has pulled into a significant rotation player for a contender. 

He also doesn't get fazed by being hit in the face. 

He's been nailed a few times this season and every time he doesn't react. On Friday, an exhausted Adams (having flown in after the Thunder's late-night win Thursday -- Adams said he'd slept two hours on the plane and that's it) talked about how being a rugby player makes playing in the league seem easy and why he doesn't react when he gets hit . 

I like how he tries to come up with a way that rugby can be compared before basically saying, "Nope, rugby's much tougher. It's rugby."

Meanwhile, Adams brushed off the idea that finding a niche on a contending team is harder than putting up numbers on a lottery squad. 

"I think I work just as hard as them," Adams said. "But they also work just as hard as me. It just comes down to what your team needs." 

As for what it's like to play with and watch Kevin Durant every night? Let's just say Adams isn't exactly the "awed" type. 

"I was amazed like the first time, like 'Whoa, this is cool' in practice. But after some time, you get used to it and now it's just like 'Cool.'" 

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