VIDEO: This is what DeAndre Jordan looks like with confidence

If this is the level of athleticism, defense, and transition chicanery we can expect from the Los Angeles Clippers this season then sign me up for 82 games plus playoffs of this team. The key to it all could be DeAndre Jordan feeling like his coach believes in him and trusts him more than Vinny Del Negro seemed to do the last couple of seasons.

Doc Rivers may not have another choice in terms of front court help so giving Jordan his trust seems like a no-brainer. On this play against the Portland Trail Blazers, Jordan looks confident on both ends of the floor with the blocked shot and then the beautiful smoke and mirrors play of looking like he was going to set the pick for Chris Paul. Like a wide receiver running his route on a pump-and-go play, Jordan pauses around the 3-point line, waits for the defender to commit to the pick-and-roll, and then sprints toward the rim.

This Clippers team may still have a timeshare in Lob City after all. 

CBS Sports Writer

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