VIDEO: Tony Allen draws critical late flagrant on Manu Ginobili

It's not flopping. It's just... wisely embellishing. 

Late in Game 2 with the Grizzlies making a frantic comeback, Zach Randolph came up with a critical steal and passed ahead to Tony Allen. With the Spurs holding on to a four-point lead, Manu Ginobili reached in to take a hard foul and prevent an easy two for Allen. 

He grabbed Allen's left arm and pulled him down hard and Allen took an awkward fall. He started grabbing at his head, writhed on the ground in pain, even kicking hit foot on the ground. The officials, possibly seeing Allen's reaction to the foul, called a Flagrant 1 on the floor and went to review the play. 

Replays showed Allen's head never touched the floor and that he was clearly doing a little acting. The foul itself was indeed dangerous and possibly worthy of a flagrant anyway, so whether or not Allen's ploy worked is possibly irrelevant. 

But the officials ruled it a Flagrant 1, Allen hit two free throws and with the Grizzlies retaining possession because of the call, Mike Conley then tied the game on a floater. 

Huge call, huge moment and a very smart move from Allen. Even if it was a little cheap. Grit and grind includes pulling every move in the book, apparently. 

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