Video: Tony Parker's buzzer-beater three sends game to overtime

Before the Memphis Grizzlies pulled out their victory over the San Antonio Spurs in overtime on Friday night, the Spurs had to force overtime. You can thank Tony Parker for that.

With the Spurs down three and just 3.5 seconds left in the fourth quarter, Parker received the inbound pass in the backcourt, dribbled up the left side and knocked down a 3-pointer from the left wing over Rudy Gay. Parker finished with 30 points on 10-of-21 shooting but couldn't get the Spurs to close out the overtime period.

The defense on this play was just horrendous. Gay let Parker dribble right up the court without any resistance at all. It was easy for Parker to get into rhythm for the jumper, and Gay was way too late to challenge it. In that instance, pressuring the ball will probably give the offensive player a much worse look at the rim. Oh, yeah -- and you might even stop him from shooting altogether.

Luckily for the Grizzlies, they were able to rally and outscore the Spurs in overtime.

CBS Sports Writer

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