VIDEO: Tony Wroten obliterates a defender, drops 53 at Seattle Pro-Am

Want to know how a player can tell he just destroyed a defender's ankles on a player? When they start celebrating during their layup attempt after making a fool of their opponent, you know they're pretty aware they just pulled off something nasty. That's what Philadelphia 76ers' point guard Tony Wroten realized during his monster game in the Seattle Pro-Am championed by Jamal Crawford.

Coming down on a slow fast break, Wroten crossed over a couple of times, before executing a lethal Shammgod crossover. If you're not familiar with the Shammgod, it's a filthy crossover in which you toss the ball out with one hand before snatching it by reaching across your body with the other hand to bring it to the opposite direction of where your defender is headed. When pulled off properly, it's an annihilating move that can make the crowd lose their mind. It was established and perfected by former NBA player and streetball legend God Shammgod. 

Wroten pulled that off and then some in this move, completely breaking down his defender with the Shammgod and subsequent crossover before going into the layup. It was a play that gave him two of his 53 points to open up the pro-am. 

These pro-ams can be very fun.

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