VIDEO: Want to watch Michael Jordan's 50 best plays? Yes, you do

It's August and there's not a ton to do with the NBA world at the moment. Unless Dwight Howard decides to stir up another Dwightmare or we want to start discussing Carmelo Anthony's free agency options next year, we should probably find fun ways to kill time. 

There might not be a better way to do that than to look at m2e1iriko's video of Michael Jordan's 50 greatest plays. Let's take a look at all 50 plays:

50. At first glance, this play seems cool but it made me wonder how it got into a highlight reel of the greatest player ever's Top 50 plays. Then they showed the baseline replay angle. Zan Tabak had no idea what happened.

49. No big deal. It's just a human being taking off a foot inside the free throw line in transition with a defender running behind him. This happens every day.

48. There have been better shot-blocking shooting guards in the history of the NBA than Jordan, but I'm not sure there were shot-blocking shooting guards who made bigger statements with their swats.


46. Vlade Divac would have been much better off just flopping there.

45. Orlando Woolridge and Michael Jordan were teammates once upon a time. It's good to know Jordan is as equally hard on former teammates as he was with current teammates.

44. I'm starting to think Jordan would have been a pretty good wide receiver.

43. Jordan didn't have a great historic handle, but everybody comments on how strong his hands were. This is significant because he could make quick moves like this and his hand strength would allow him to recover from the dribble move quickly and then be ready to dunk on Greg Ostertag (specifically Greg Ostertag). 

42. I think this might be the play that Michael Jordan did against Patrick Ewing that made him feel bad and want to keep Ewing around for a long time. "You'll always have a job if I'm in charge because I'm sorry for what I did to you."

41. OK, maybe his handle was a little better than people remember.

40. If a player did this to end a game today when the result was already decided, Twitter would explode with self-righteousness. 

39. Gerald Wilkins was one of the most athletic players of his generation. No, I swear; he was. Don't look at this highlight and judge his ability to move his feet and recover.

38. He was 38 years old when he hit this game-winner. He wasn't able to defy logic on the court the way he used to, but he could still stick a dagger in your heart. Rip Hamilton loves it. 

37. Jordan dunking on two people at the same time wasn't an unusual thing, which is crazy.

36. This is where the clutch legend began, but it's weird that 17 seconds was considered such a clutch moment. I'm not saying that it wasn't. It's just that we've been conditioned to thinking it has to come at the buzzer. 

35. OK, this might actually be the moment he decided to give Patrick Ewing lifetime employment if he needed it.

34. What's insane is he makes this highlight look so incredibly easy, but he pretty much just scored on a fastbreak against four defenders and finished with a two-handed dunk. It all happened because he was able to switch directions and speed like it was nothing.

33. "And it always happens to Craig Ehlo." 

32. This is actually CGI'd. 

31. Ron Anderson wasn't a giant in NBA terms, but Jordan did just pretty much clear a 6'7" man on a dunk while getting fouled.

30. I wonder how many times Jordan just tried a circus shot inside just to see how difficult he could make things on himself. 


28. The cradle dunk should be in the Smithsonian National Museum of Cool Things. That's a real building.

27. Yeah, he definitely just tried to throw up crazy shots to see if they'd go in. I'm pretty much convinced.

26. I don't think this is the best block in NBA history, but it's hard to find one that looks cooler than it. Late 30's, pinning a big layup attempt against the glass with both hands, and then talking copious amounts of trash to Ron Mercer? Sign me up.

25. Why didn't Michael Jordan give Tree Rollins the same employment treatment? Also, the ball fakes just from being able to palm the ball is underratedly cool.

24. I like to call this one "Michael Jordan stars in a GEICO commercial."

23. We all remember the 1997 and 1998 Finals series, but Jordan has apparently been terrorizing the Utah Jazz for ages.

22. This one is also CGI'd.

21. "Either it's going to be a great dunk or a great block. I think statistics work in my favor. I don't like getting dunked on.” - Alonzo Mourning once said this. This was a great dunk.

20. When Michael Jordan impresses himself, you know something cool has happened. Also, what's up, Sasha Danilovic?

19. I don't want to downgrade what LeBron James has done in his career, but Michael Jordan was much meaner to the city of Cleveland.

18. "Jordan does it to Cleveland again!" See what I mean? Also, Rip Hamilton still loves it.

17. Poor, poor Kelly Tripucka. Why would you ever jump with Michael Jordan?

16. That's just poor tackling form by Greg Ostertag, but at least he didn't get dunked on.

15. It took Jordan all of four games to come back from his first retirement before he dropped a game-winner on an opponent. Four games after taking a year and a half off. 

14. You might want to box that guy out, even on a free throw.

13. Michael Jordan is taking down Bucks like he's Brad Miller. That's a hunting joke. Brad Miller likes to hunt. He also had Buck Hunter Pro, the arcade game, in his house.

12. I don't want to nitpick here, but this seems a little too high on the list here. I know it's against the Detroit Pistons and a game-winning 3-pointer from a guy that didn't shoot well from 3-point range throughout most of his career, but it still seems a bit high.

11. Seems kind of messed up that the refs would call a foul here and count the basket. There were so few times that Charles Barkley attempted to play good defense, maybe he should have been rewarded even though it was an obvious foul?

10. It's OK, Bryon Russell. You probably won't be on this list again...

9. Dunk contests. I'm always happy to say that Vince Carter is the greatest dunk contest participant of all time because I feel like he changed the way we view the improbable and view creativity when it comes to that event, but if you think Michael Jordan is better because of the same reasons, it's a pretty fun discussion to have.

8. This is probably my favorite highlight of Jordan's career. It's absurd in every way and I've always been amazed by it, even on the 2,000th viewing.

7. How many of you adopted the self wrist slap on reverse, circus shot type layups when you were shooting around? Raise your hand. Everybody's hand should be up.

6. This one is definitely the one that made him feel indebted to Patrick Ewing.

5. Is "The Shrug" arguably the most transcendent celebration of one's accomplishments of all time? How many people do this now? I used to do it when I spelled "Szczerbiak" correctly, let alone hit a few 3-pointers in a row.

4. There's nothing I can add to the Flu Game here (assuming I've added anything to any of the other highlights on this video), but I will say this: I'm getting sick of every time someone has the flu or a cold or allergies we make a reference to the Flu Game. Even when it's Kobe Bryant or LeBron James or Ricky Davis, we need to let this go.

3. For years, the backside angle of this play was the main one you saw on highlight shows and special segments in which they talked about Michael Jordan. For years, I thought Craig Ehlo nearly go punched or kicked in the head by MJ. When you see the side angle, they're about 15 feet apart, if not more. For years, I have been an idiot.

2. I've always thought this looked like the most unnecessary switch of the hands in basketball history. It's also probably the coolest one, so I guess that makes it fairly necessary.

1. Most people just want to talk about the steal, the crossover, the push-off, and the shot by Jordan followed by the pose. But do you know what people should actually want to talk about with this play? That's it, actually. People should talk about the steal, crossover, push-off, and shot followed by the pose. It's pretty cool.

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