VIDEO: Warriors' Andre Iguodala hits three at buzzer to beat Hawks

With so many shooters and offensive options on the Golden State Warriors, it's hard to know who to guard on a final possession. Andre Iguodala inbounded the ball to Stephen Curry with the Warriors down two to the Atlanta Hawks and 3.2 seconds left. Curry was immediately doubled by Iguodala's defender, Pero Antic. Curry immediately passed the ball to Igudoala, who was wide-open for the buzzer-beating attempt.

Iguodala knocked it down cold and the Warriors escaped Atlanta with the one-point victory. It's the eighth win in a row for the Warriors. The Warriors needed 37 points in the fourth quarter to erase an eight-point deficit after three quarters. This is Iguodala's second game-winner of the season.

CBS Sports Writer

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