VIDEO: Watch Terrence Ross tie franchise scoring record with 51

It's been a crazy scoring weekend in the NBA. Friday night Carmelo Anthony set a franchise record with 62 points. Saturday night, Terrence Ross did the same for the Raptors with 51, tying Vince Carter's franchise mark. 

How, you might ask?

Here's how. 

Here's how Ross' performance shook out: 

Yup, 17 three-pointers. That'll help get you there. You have to like that he didn't start going all "isolation mid-range jumper" and waste his efficiency. He started forcing some shots late trying to get that record. You can't blame the kid, DeMar DeRozan was out with injury, and he's 22 trying to make a name for himself. 

Still, a crazy fun performance in a weekend full of them. 

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