VIDEO: What Ray Allen's Game 6 3 looked like at a Spurs viewing party

Want to see the hopes and dreams of 18,000 people crushed in an instant? Of course you do. 

The Spurs had a viewing party at AT&T Center for Game 6 of the NBA Finals and you know how this ends.

The video starts with Kawhi Leonard's missed first free throw, and the crowd unknowingly erupts when he makes his second. A missed 3 from LeBron sends the crowd into another flurry, but it's abbreviated, because Chris Bosh snares the rebound, kicks to Ray Allen and... you know how this ends. 

What's heartbreaking about the video is that the fan that shot it clearly pulled out his phone to capture the reaction and celebration as the Spurs finished off the Heat. Even after Leonard only made one of two from the line, it was no bother. The Spurs still had this. 

Then LeBron's miss, the crowd erupts again thinking it's over. But nope. The moment the ball touched Allen's hands, the end result was obvious. 

What was left was 18,000 in stunned silence as waves of disappointment washed over them. There was still overtime to go, there was still a Game 7. But those 18,000 knew it right then and there, I think. They knew how this was going to end. 

Via @AdamReisinger

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