VIDEO: Zach Randolph hugs Matt Barnes after receiving 'flagrant' foul

First, let's be clear, this isn't a flagrant foul. This is a "Let's not everybody start Kung Fu fighting like you guys like to do all the time" flagrant foul. Matt Barnes tries to stop Zach Randolph, but he's not deliberately swinging at the head. It's a playoff foul. A good, hard foul. 

But the really important part here is Randolph hugging and slapping five with Barnes after Barnes gives him said hard foul. That's ZBo. That's the kind of game that he wants, where he lives. In the mud. 

The Grizzlies and Clippers will get into a fight at some point in this series, but it will be nothing personal. It's two teams that professionally dislike each other and get physical with one another.

And, after he's done beating you up, Zach Randolph will hug you. 

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