Video:Josh McRoberts hits a shot to make you delirous

Josh McRoberts does the dirty work. His job with the Lakers, much like it was with the Pacers, is to rebound, defend, finish alley-oops and putbacks, and be your typical roleplayer big. He never gets the glory, never gets to produce off the dribble, and on a team with as much star power as the Lakers, he rarely even gets to shoot. He's taken just 75 shots this season. 

But on Tuesday night, he hit a jaw-dropper.


"Behind his back, rumbling, stumbling..." Great call there, as well. "Are you serious? You must be delirious!"

This has to be the most unnecessarily difficult first-quarter buzzer-beater of all time. Didn't need to go behind-the-back, lost his dribble, falling backwards, but hey. That's how art goes.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that Josh McRoberts should get the ball more in crucial situations.

(Note: Josh McRoberts should not get the ball more in crucial situations. But nice shot, McBob.)
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