VIDEOS: Clippers owner Steve Ballmer screams his face off at rally

At Microsoft, Steve Ballmer was known to be ... uh ... passionate about the company. At a fan rally on Monday, we found out he has not changed since becoming the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers. Screamin' Steve took to the stage at Staples Center with Eminem's "Lose Yourself" playing, high-fiving as many fans as possible.

Ballmer proceeded to repeat over and over again that the Clippers were going to be "hardcore" and tell everyone that he can be reached at He talked about winning championships and both said and demonstrated that he was excited about the future of the team. This quote sums it up, via the Los Angeles Times' Ben Bolch:

"I'm a confident guy that we have a great product, I'm a confident guy that we're going to have a lot of viewership and fanship," Ballmer continued, and here came that pump-up-the-volume cadence again, "and I'm confident in my ability AS A SALESMAN TO GET PEOPLE FIRED UP!"

I, for one, do not doubt his ability to get people fired up.

If you'd like to watch all 13 minutes of it, enjoy:

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