Vince Carter has no plans to retire

Mavericks guard Vince Carter knows time is almost up on his NBA career, but he's not ready to make a finite declaration as to when that's going to happen.

“I don’t want to do that to myself,” Carter said after Thursday morning’s practice. “I don’t want to limit myself. I think doing that you’ll start thinking about [retirement] as the season goes on. I’ll just let the body pretty much dictate how I’m feeling in the end.”

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The 36-year-old Carter averaged 13 points, four rebounds, and two assists on 44 percent shooting for Dallas last season. Carter's cousin, Tracy McGrady, retired this offseason. 

Carter's role will be especially interesting to watch this year with more guard depth after the signing of Jose Calderon, Monta Ellis, and Devin Harris along with the drafting of Ricky Ledo. He'll still likely get a lot of minutes at small forward, but there's no telling how the rotations are going to work out in Dallas this season. 

Carter has aged surprisingly well, and his leadership has contributed in Dallas. The Mavs have swung out on a few acquisitions since 2011, but this one has been really great for them.

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