Vince Carter returning to Raptors someday? The ageless star envisions it will happen

Vince Carter made history with the Raptors. Not only was he one of the most exciting players ever, but he arguably saved basketball in Canada. A lack of success killed it in Vancouver, but Toronto having Carter made the Raptors relevant. It helped the sport grow into what it is today.

On Sunday, Carter was in the starting lineup for the Kings in Toronto. At 40 years old, there doesn't seem to be much time left in Carter's career, which means this could have been his final game in Toronto. If that was the case, Raptors fans gave him the sendoff he deserved with a loud cheer in the starting lineup and as he exited for the final time.

After the game, Carter was asked about the rumors over the summer of a potential return to Toronto. While it ended up not happening, Carter says a reunion will happen someday.

"Of course, I heard about it. It didn't happen, I guess. It's just one of those things, it'll happen for sure. Somehow, whether it's a one day or something, it'll happen. It's supposed to happen, I think, I can say that now. I've had a lot of people say it's supposed to happen, so now I guess I have to believe."

Whether it's a one-day contract, or a going-away tour, Carter finishing his career in Toronto feels like a necessary circle. He has had an incredible and accomplished career, but Toronto is where he made his name and had his greatest moments. Personally, I'm hoping for one last season in Toronto for the NBA's ultimate iron man.

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