Warriors and Cavs have largest Vegas spreads for conference finals since 2005

The Warriors and Cavaliers being massive favorites is nothing new. Since this season first tipped off there have been arguments that everything is just a formality for the inevitable Cavs-Warriors III in the Finals. However, expectations are one thing and meeting them is another. When the playoffs rolled around, it looked like maybe someone could challenge the two superteams.

That hasn't been the case. Both have dominated the postseason and the expectation they meet each other again has only increased. However, Vegas wasn't completely convinced. The sharps were all in on Golden State, but Cleveland was only a single digit favorite for Games 1 and 2 of the Eastern Conference finals. After the Cavaliers slammed the Celtics into the ground, the odds have returned massively in their favor. The Warriors and Cavs currently have the largest spreads of any team for the conference finals since 2005.

Of course, 2005 was the infamous year where the Spurs and Pistons met in the NBA Finals and attempted to destroy the sport of basketball. The series was so notorious that the league began to add rules to make the game a little cleaner to watch. It also happens to be the last time the NBA saw domination of this caliber.

Seeing two teams perceived so highly in the eyes of Vegas at this point in the playoffs is rare. Typically, once we reach the conference finals, the respect for the final four teams is high enough that the spreads don't get out of hand. This year year is different. With Kawhi Leonard battling injury and Cleveland being a class above the Celtics, it's led to one of the more one-sided conference championship rounds in recent memory.

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