Suffering a knee injury in Game 5 of the NBA Finals, Golden State Warriors center Andrew Bogut traveled with the team to Cleveland for Game 6 against the Cavaliers. However, according to the Warriors, Bogut will not play in the game or for the rest of the series due to his injury:

Bogut not needing surgery is promising news because it means there is likely no serious damage to his knee. The Warriors will miss Bogut's presence as a rim protector and his screen-setting abilities but they should have enough depth with Festus Ezeli, Anderson Varejao and James Michael McAdoo to weather his absence.

Also with the Draymond Green returning from suspension, Golden State can go small, like they did for the majority of Game 5 and in last year's Finals, using their Death Lineup for large chunks of the game. Not having Bogut is a bit of a blow for the Warriors yet they should be able to manage and others will just have to step up in his place.

Andrew Bogut will miss the rest of the Finals. (USATSI)