Warriors cancel practice after late-night fun at Stephen Curry's 30th birthday party

The Golden State Warriors cancelled practice on Tuesday, which normally would not be all that newsworthy. Teams, especially veteran teams who have been to three straight Finals, cancel late-season practices all the time. So why is it interesting this time around? Well, it's just pretty funny because the night before everyone was letting loose at Stephen Curry's birthday party. 

The Warriors spent Monday night living it up in celebration of Curry turning 30 years old. Really all you need to know is that Curry pulled up to the party in a dang yacht. Look, if a party starts out with the guest of honor cruising in on a yacht, you might as well just cancel all plans for the next day right then and there. 

Once Curry arrived, the team had all sorts of fun dancing around on stage, eating good food and even watching rapper E-40 perform. Even coach Steve Kerr was showing off his moves, which was pretty cool to see given all of the back problems he's had in recent years. 

At one point, Curry was sitting on the front of the stage eating a full plate of ribs while E-40 performed in the background, which is just an incredible sentence to write.  

It seems like a pretty fun night, and more than enough reason to cancel practice. 

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