Warriors' DeMarcus Cousins on short-lived partnership with Anthony Davis: 'I think about our pairing all the time'

DeMarcus Cousins is finally back on the court. After nearly a year of rehab following a torn Achilles tendon late last January, Cousins returned as a member of the Golden State Warriors. And just minutes into his first game, he threw down a thunderous dunk that reminded everyone of just what they'd been missing. 

But as Cousins embarks on this new chapter in his career -- one that most believe is likely to end with his first championship -- he admitted that he still thinks about what could have been in New Orleans. Via The Athletic:

Looking back, Cousins had shown his loyalty to the Pelicans, helping recruit Rajon Rondo and advocating for the organization to pursue a trade for Mirotic even before his devastating injury. Once July free agency came, New Orleans made no offer to Cousins. There would be no rehab process for Cousins in New Orleans or a continued partnership with Davis and Rondo. Even now, his finality — or lack thereof — with the Pelicans hurts.

"I think about our pairing all the time," Cousins said. "Me and AD talk about it. It's f----- up. It could've been something great, something special, but other people had different things in mind. That's out of our control, and you never know what'll happen later on down the line."

Traded to the Pelicans during the All-Star break in 2017, Cousins formed an incredibly talented frontcourt partnership with Anthony Davis. But because of various injury troubles, we never really got to see its full potential. When he tore his Achilles, it turned out to be the last time he ever put on a Pelicans jersey. 

This is a rare situation in which both parties are in the right. Of course Cousins feels hurt that the Pelicans basically gave up on him after the devastating injury, and who wouldn't want to play alongside Davis, one of the league's elite big men? But at the same time, Achilles tears can be career-altering, especially for big men, and it made sense for the Pelicans to avoid the risk that Cousins would never be the same -- especially considering their situation with Davis. 

It definitely would have been interesting to see what Cousins and Davis could have done with the Pelicans if they were both able to stay healthy and play together for more than a few months. Alas, it will go down as yet another "what if?" in NBA history. 

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