Warriors' Draymond Green takes a shot at Cavs' Tristan Thompson during championship parade

The Golden State Warriors' championship parade is a big day for Draymond Green, because it affords him many chances to talk trash and troll people, and those are two things the All-Star forward loves to do. Right from the beginning, he was trolling just with his T-shirt, which poked fun at LeBron James, and continued a tradition from last year. 

But that wasn't enough for Green. Later in the day, he decided to also take a shot at Cleveland Cavaliers big man Tristan Thompson. On top of a bus along with Kevon Looney, Green was answering questions and started to talk about how he was cut from a different cloth than other guys in the league. At first, he wouldn't name names, but then let it slip at the end of the clip that he was talking about Thompson. 

Green's full comments:

The fact of the matter is, we just cut from a different cloth. It's a lot of guys in this league ... they soft. We just cut from a different cloth. That's all I really got for you. We just ain't cut the same. 

I told one of them dudes from the Cavs -- after the game he tried to shake my hand, I said, 'Tristan we ain't cut the same.'

The two got into it during Game 1 of the Finals. After Thompson was ejected -- controversially, many would say -- with a few seconds remaining, he stayed on the court. That's when Green began chirping, which upset Thompson, leading to the Canadian shoving the ball in Green's face. 

Green, though, was not bothered, saying he would meet Thompson "in the streets any day."

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