Warriors' Thompson ends presser by throwing paper airplane at media

Seemingly always relaxed, Warriors All-Star Klay Thompson is even more at ease after games. Postgame, Thompson just zens out, has a sip of a beer, decompresses and shifts his focus elsewhere -- like perfecting the art of paper airplane construction.

That's right, Thompson is a self-declared maestro at making paper airplanes. The Warriors guard showed off this unique skill set after Golden State defeated the Atlanta Hawks 105-100 on Monday.

"You guys should get this on camera," Thompson said while making an airplane out of the game's stat sheet. "I make the best paper airplane on the West Coast."

He then threw his paper airplane at reporters and it did actually have a lengthy flight before crashing, as they tend to do.

Thompson's paper airplane is well constructed but his claim that he makes the best ones on the West Coast is quite false. Especially since the Guinness World Record holder for the "farthest flight by a paper aircraft" is held by Californians John M. Collins and Joe Ayoob. Collins designed the paper airplane and Ayoob, a former quarterback at Cal who later played arena football, "flew" the plane." The Collins/Ayoob paper airplane flew 226 feet 10 inches, which far surpasses Thompson's.

So while Thompson may think he's the best, he clearly isn't. But at least Thompson can take solace in being one of the best shooters in the NBA.

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