Whenever a super team forms, critics and opponents love to remind everybody there is only one ball. Houston Rockets guard James Harden said this recently when discussing the Golden State Warriors signing Kevin Durant, and it caused a little bit of a stir.

Golden State guard Klay Thompson predictably does not think that sharing the ball will be an issue, and he said as much in an appearance on KNBR's Tolbert & Lund show on Wednesday. In between declaring that he likes ranch dressing on his chicken fingers and revealing that he plays FIFA against Paul George for money, Thompson laughed off the oft-repeated warning.

"What does that mean?" Thompson said. "There's one ball. Guess what we'll do -- we'll put in the hoop. And the open man will do it, or the hot hand. I mean, we got such high-IQ players, I don't think it'll be that hard to figure out."

Klay Thompson with Team USA
Klay Thompson practices on another super team. USATSI

Everyone involved with the Warriors has said something similar, but Thompson put it perfectly. Some stacked teams fail to jell, but it's hard to imagine this particular group of players getting in each other's way. They're too smart, too willing to pass and, most important, too good at shooting. The league hasn't seen anything quite like this.

Earlier Wednesday at Team USA practice in Las Vegas, Thompson said he would be willing to sacrifice like Manu Ginobili did for the San Antonio Spurs. If his teammates all approaches it that way -- and they should -- then any problems will be minor.

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