Mike Brown would probably prefer not to be acting head coach for the Golden State Warriors right now, as he's only doing so because Steve Kerr is in so much pain he's unable to coach. So far, however, Brown and the Warriors are taking things in stride, marching to the Western Conference finals with an 8-0 record, including 6-0 with Brown in charge. 

Starting Sunday, Brown will lead the Warriors against the San Antonio Spurs and Gregg Popovich in the Western Conference finals, with the Spurs reaching the round for the first time since 2014. 

Boasting an 8-0 record in the postseason, and the most talented roster in the league, Brown was understandably feeling pretty loose Friday when facing the media. When asked if he would be intimidated by the coaching matchup in the series, having to go against his friend, the legendary Popovich, Brown offered a hilarious response.

"I think I could beat Pop up," Brown joked. "He's like 70."

At 47 years old, Brown is nearly 20 years younger than the 68-year-old Popovich, but I don't know if he should take Pop so lightly. 

In case you forgot, he's not afraid to get nasty. 

Pop ... Pop ... Popovich. He wants a nasty game.