Warriors NBA championship parade: Power ranking the day's most incredible moments

OAKLAND, Calif. -- When you win three NBA titles in four years, you've got to mix things up. Tired of the same old boring format, the Golden State Warriors did things a little differently in 2018, eschewing the normal post-procession rally for a more "interactive" experience along the parade route.

Some players took the "interactive" part a little more literally than others (cough, cough ... Swaggy and JaVale).

It was a bright, hot, crowded scene as the parade marched through downtown Oakland, and there was surely no shortage of fun. Instead of a normal recap, we decided to rank the most incredible moments from Tuesday's parade. In all honesty, Nick Young probably could have had 10 of these, but we tried to spread the wealth. Enjoy.

8. Fans not interested in your rules

No building, bus stop awning, street pole or port-o-potty was off limits for Warriors fans on Tuesday. Those who didn't want to squeeze in with the main crowd got creative.

7. Creative signage

There was a fair share of more traditional "Back to Back" and "KD MVP" signs, but some fans went above and beyond with their creativity. One woman decided to propose to Klay Thompson, which we've seen before, but this particular fan decided to include her height to make Klay contemplate a little harder.

Others took shots at a familiar target, LeBron James, and a not-so-familiar target, Drake. The possum line was the biggest zinger of the day, by far.

6. Draymond Green, family man

Most probably expected the Draymond Green we've seen in years past -- drunk and acting the fool among the crowd -- but not this year. It was a much more subdued Draymond, remaining on the bus for most of the parade with his family.

Of course he couldn't help himself with his choice of shirt, but we'll get to that later.

5. KD and Quinn Cook representing Maryland

Durant and Quinn Cook both grew up in the Washington area, so it was nice that they got to share the same bus during the parade. Toward the end of the route, Durant spied a Maryland flag in the crowd, and asked to bring it up onto the bus so he and Cook could rep their Mid-Atlantic roots.

Kevin Durant and Quinn Cooked displayed the Maryland flag during the Warriors championship parade. Colin Ward-Henninger

4. Steve Kerr making this woman's life

It's not often you see a Steve Kerr Arizona jersey, but this woman was just about to pass out when Kerr signed hers.

3. Draymond's T-shirt shenanigans

Draymond has a history of trolling LeBron James at victory parades, and he kept the tradition alive in 2018. This year he opted for the Arthur-inspired fist bejeweled with three championship rings, and the word "mood" underneath.

For those of you who don't remember, LeBron posted this cryptic Arthur meme earlier this season while the Cavs were struggling, along with the "mood" caption.


A post shared by LeBron James (@kingjames) on

As long as the Warriors keep winning, it appears June will always be petty season for Draymond Green.

2. Bell looking for Henny in all the right places

Were it not for Nick Young and JaVale McGee, Warriors rookie Jordan Bell would have been the MVP of the parade. He was shirtless all day, with board shorts under his basketball shorts and ski goggles on his head. His best moment, however, came when he ran out of Hennessy and solicited the crowd until one generous fan was kind enough to oblige.

1. The Swaggy and JaVale Show

The friendship between these two goes back to their days with the Washington Wizards, and it showed on Tuesday. Nick Young and JaVale McGee probably used more energy during the parade than they did on the court this season, spending most of their time running in front of their bus shirtless and entertaining fans with dancing, selfies and just general mayhem.

Nick Young was a man of the people during the Warriors parade. Colin Ward-Henninger

Hats off to Mr. Young and Mr. McGee, who partied in the championship parade like it was their last. And since they're both free agents this offseason, it very well could be.

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