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Despite Steph Curry's best efforts, the Golden State Warriors lost to the Memphis Grizzlies in the final game of the play-in tournament, and didn't make the playoffs this season. That was disappointing for fans that would have loved to see Curry work his magic in the playoffs, but not everyone was complaining. 

The Olympics are coming up this summer, and Team USA is in need of some sars to build around as it tries to win a fourth straight gold medal. Curry would have a guaranteed spot if he wanted to play, and the Warriors' early exit makes it more likely, in theory at least, that he would be interested. 

Earlier this year, Curry was asked about the Olympics and noted the "quick turnaround" given the grueling season the players just went through. That wasn't the most enthusiastic answer, but he is interested and hasn't ruled out playing. "Curry, according to a source, is '50-50' on whether he takes his first crack at Olympic gold," Joe Vardon of The Athletic reported on Monday. Though he has won a gold medal with Team USA at the World Cup in 2010 and 2014, Curry has never played a part in the Olympics. 

LeBron James and Anthony Davis recently announced that they're both skipping the Olympics to recover from injuries sustained during the season, and the NBA Finals won't end until mid-July, which likely rules out any players on those teams. Say the Nets end up playing the Clippers, that could potentially mean no Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Kawhi Leonard or Paul George

If Curry opted out as well, Team USA would be looking at bringing something resembling a "B" team to the Olympics. They would obviously prefer to avoid that, especially coming off the disastrous 2018 World Cup, where they failed to medal and finished seventh. That team was also missing most of the usual big names. 

Tokyo, Japan is set to host the Olympics later this summer, with the opening ceremony set for July 23. The men's basketball tournament will run from July 24 through Aug. 8. In addition to wanting a break after a condensed season, some players may be hesitant to participate due to COVID-19, which is still a major issue globally. Team USA previously selected a pool of 57 players that they will choose a roster from, and training camp is set to begin in early July.