There was a lot going on in the Golden State Warriors' exciting 127-123 triumph over the Sacramento Kings on Saturday night. The two teams combined for 41 3-pointers in the game, setting an NBA record for most threes in a game, and Steph Curry poured in 42 points to help the Warriors get the win. 

But those weren't the only talking points; there was more. In the middle of the fourth quarter, Curry was called for a travel after trying to take a step-back 3-pointer. As he made his way down the other end of the court, he complained to the referee, but did it in a pretty comical way by holding up a 1-3 on his jersey. 

That, of course, is the number worn by the NBA's step-back king, James Harden. Curry's gag seemed to be his way of letting the refs know that the move would have been OK if he were James Harden, which is a fun and unique way of protesting a call. 

After the game, Curry continued to joke about the incident, saying, "I've seen that once or twice. Tried it myself. Obviously they got confused. They knew it was someone else, so they called it."

Harden himself caught plenty of jokes a short time back after getting away with an egregious travel on one of his patented step-backs.