Warriors' Steph Curry 'not on the extreme' but wants to be more of a social activist

Stephen Curry recently attended a 49ers game where he posted on his Snapchat, #FreeKaep in reference to Colin Kaepernick remaining unsigned by a single NFL team. Many believe that he remains unsigned due to his decision to kneel during the national anthem last season in protest of racial violence in America.

Curry's brief moment of support could have been a small choice he made that doesn't have any large impact, but he told the Charlotte Observer that he wants to be more of a social activist in the future. He doesn't believe that athletes should stick to only talking about sports.

Curry also said he planned to become more of a social activist when he believes the occasion warrants it, concentrating on issues like "social equality" and ignoring people who say athletes should talk about sports only.

"I'm not on the extreme like some other guys," Curry said of social activism. "I'm not going to infuse myself into every conversation. ... But I encourage – no matter what you do in life – if someone wants to know how you feel, you tell them how you feel. You stand by it and live with the consequences, and the changes that you can make."

Curry choosing to be more of an activist would put him among many athletes and coaches that have decided they're tired of being silent over issues they care about. LeBron James is known for speaking out on political issues and even endorsed Hillary Clinton during the last election. Gregg Popovich spoke out about President Donald Trump before Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals last season.

The NBA and Players Association recently came out in support of players choosing to be more socially active and it sounds like many more are going to use this opportunity to speak on what they care about.

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