Warriors star Steph Curry found himself at the center of a controversy earlier this week when he made some comments on a podcast in which he indicated that he believed the moon landing was a hoax. It didn't take long, however, for Curry to come out and say that he was joking. "One thousand percent. Obviously I was joking when I was talking on the podcast," Curry told ESPN.

Now, Curry has made an effort to try and positively promote NASA. In the same interview with ESPN, Curry said that he would gladly accept NASA's offer to tour their space center in Houston in an effort to "shine a light" on the work that they do. Then, on Saturday afternoon, Curry held a conversation with retired astronaut Scott Kelly on Instagram. 

The two talked about NASA, science and the magnitude of Curry's comment. It was a pretty cool thing for Curry to do in order to try and turn an unfortunate situation into a positive one. Perhaps the most notable part of the conversation, is when Kelly, who has been in space four times, talked about the importance of not joking about events like the moon landing. Because, he explained, that can lead to people believing conspiracies that are actually dangerous for society. 

Kelly's full comment:

"What happens is then when people believe those things, they believe the other things that are more important, like climate change not being real and vaccines and, you know, 9/11 being a government conspiracy theory. That's what I recognize, and I think this is so important, to have a conversation like this, because it highlights science, and science is so, so important to our kids, to our country, to our economy."

Kelly certainly enjoyed his time and appreciated Curry's efforts. He also let us in on a fun little fact about playing basketball in space. Due to the decreased gravity, the 3-point line in space should be 142 feet long.