Warriors' Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson play rock-paper-scissors to pick who has to introduce Andre Iguodala

Kelley L Cox (USA Today)

Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson were caught between two conflicting emotions on Monday: love for former teammate Andre Iguodala, and hatred for public speaking. The latter apparently won out in Iguodala's first game back in the Bay Area since being traded during the offseason, as neither Thompson nor Curry wanted to introduce Iguodala to the fans. 

So what could they do? The simplest solution would have simply been doing it together. They also could have asked Iguodala who he'd prefer, or even foisted the responsibility upon Draymond Green, the only healthy member of Golden State's former championship core. But Curry and Thompson instead landed on a far more elegant compromise: rock-paper-scissors, best two out of three. 

Thompson lost in a 2-0 sweep to Curry. As such, it was his job to introduce Iguodala to the crowd, where he delivered a rousing speech to his former home fans. 

Fortunately for Thompson, he was hardly the center of attention. This was Iguodala's night, and in addition to his own speech, the Warriors played a video tribute to their former Finals MVP. 

Warriors owner Joe Lacob has already vowed to retire Iguodala's No. 9 jersey as well as Kevin Durant's No. 35. Curry, Thompson and Green will certainly join them in the rafters to help celebrate one of the greatest runs in the history of not only basketball but all of professional sports. 

That run easily could have ended on bad terms. Iguodala was dealt to Memphis this offseason in a cap-clearing move made to fit D'Angelo Russell onto the roster, who they have already traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves. But if Iguodala's speech made one thing clear, it is that there are no hard feelings and that he'll be a Warrior forever. 

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