Warriors vs. Cavaliers: Jeff Green dunked so hard everyone thought he was LeBron

The first half of Monday's matchup between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors certainly didn't disappoint, particularly if you're a fan of offense. The Cavs went into halftime with a 64-57 lead, but it was the play right before the break that had the entire crowd buzzing.

With seconds remaining the half, Dwyane Wade stole a Kevin Durant pass intended for Klay Thompson and sped down the court, trying to score before the buzzer sounded. Durant was back on defense and it looked for a second like the 6-foot-6, 35-year-old Wade was going to try to dunk on the 6-foot-11 Durant who averages over two blocks per game.

At first it looked like Wade lost the ball as he went up, but it turns out it was actually a picture-perfect lob to a trailing Jeff Green, who finished the play with authority to end the half.

As expected, Twitter went insane. There was just one small problem, though: Many Twitterers out there thought that it was LeBron James, not Jeff Green, who finished the lob.

Hey, you  can't blame them. Things happened really quickly and we're all used to seeing the Wade-LeBron connection from their days in Miami. But still, you have to feel for Jeff Green, a player labeled as an underachiever for his entire career who can't even get credit for an awesome play from his own fan base. 

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