Warriors vs. Rockets: Kevin Durant gets into spat with Chris Paul's brother during Game 2

Two days after the Golden State Warriors ran the Rockets off their own gym in Game 1 of the Western Conference finals, Houston returned the favor with a lopsided 127-105 victory on Wednesday that turned chippy towards the end -- both on and off the court.

Players on both sides threw in a little extra physicality on numerous occasions and off the court, C.J. Paul, the brother of Rockets point guard Chris Paul, got into the fun with a war of words between he and Golden State's Kevin Durant during a dead ball that got a lot of attention.

It's unclear exactly what was being discussed, but by the looks of it, they weren't complimenting one another on their outfits. Especially considering that the exchange took place late in the third quarter when the Rockets were up 93-76.

C.J. might never have been spotted if not for Reggie Miller's ability to identify him after Chris Webber called him out. Here's the exchange via the Mercury-News.

Chris Webber: "Don't wake a sleeping giant when he already has 36."

Reggie Miller: "That's C.J. Paul. That's Chris' brother."

Webber: "Ay, what's up C.J.! I didn't know that was you … he and his brother are having a good time tonight."

Durant finished off the night with a game-high 38 points, but the Paul family got the last laugh with a critical Game 2 win to even the series before it shifts to the Bay Area for Games 3 and 4.

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