If you had some money on Friday night's game between the Golden State Warriors and the Minnesota Timberwolves, you might have gone into cardiac arrest. There were plenty of twists and turns in what ended up being a 131-130 overtime Timberwolves win, and it certainly wasn't without controversy.

Early in the game, the Warriors appeared to be cruising, building a 19-point lead at one point. However, the Wolves fought back and forced overtime ... which is where the real fun began. Here's a quick recap of the final seconds of one of the wildest games of the year.

Durant's potential four-point play waved off

With Golden State trailing by three and 5.8 seconds remaining in overtime, Kevin Durant received the inbounds pass and immediately went up for a long 3-pointer. The ball went in as the whistle sounded, leading pretty much everyone to think that Durant now had a chance to give the Warriors the lead with a four-point play. BUT WAIT! The refs ruled that the foul occurred before the shot (it certainly looked simultaneous on the replay). The ruling: No basket, ball out of bounds to the Warriors.

Curry's insane 3-pointer ties game

Since the Wolves had fouled Durant on the previous play, most expected that they would do the same rather than allow one of the team's dead-eye shooters to get a look at the tie. When the ball was inbounded to Curry, the foul seemed inevitable. But for whatever reason Jerryd Bayless decided not to foul, and Curry made a miraculous, double-pump fadeaway 3-pointer from the corner to tie the game.

Curry appears to taunt ref

After his game-tying 3-pointer, Curry was understandably jubilant. He ran down court celebrating, but he also pointed in the direction of one of the refs, who had his back turned to the court. We're not mind readers, but it's not hard to connect the dots. Curry and the Warriors were livid about the previous call on Durant, so it appears as if Curry was taking the opportunity to taunt the ref.

Controversial foul call on Durant

There's no way this game could have just gone to a second overtime, right? With 0.5 seconds remaining, the Wolves attempted a lob pass to Karl-Anthony Towns that sailed about a mile over his head out of bounds, seemingly ending the first overtime period. However, the referee whistled that Durant had pushed Towns in the back while he was attempting to catch the pass, giving Towns two free throws. He stepped up to the line and made the first, then missed the second on purpose to give the Wolves the one-point victory.

Kerr sounds off

Needless to say, Warriors coach Steve Kerr was not pleased with the outcome of the final seconds. He discussed both of the controversial Durant calls after the game.

On the final foul call:

"You mean when the lob was going 10 feet over the rim? I haven't seen that."

On waving off Durant's made basket:

"Did I think it was before the shot? I just watched the replay. He caught and he shot. It's a four-point play. I mean, I don't know what else to say. Mind-boggling. ... In any league that's a good bucket and a free throw. Any league, not just the NBA."

It's just a regular season loss, but it put the Warriors in a tie with the Denver Nuggets for first place in the Western Conference. If Golden State ends up losing the No. 1 seed, they might look back at this loss and be even saltier.