The Golden State Warriors have been the gold standard in the NBA over the past five seasons, winning three championships. As the franchise shifts to their new home in the Chase Center, that isn't expected to change, at least financially (although their season-opening loss to the Clippers is very concerning). The Warriors will accumulate an estimated $700 million in annual revenue moving forward, according to Tim Kawakami of The Athletic

Starting this inaugural Chase season, it's estimated that the Warriors will take in about $700 million in annual revenue for the foreseeable future.

This about $250-300 million more than the Knicks or Lakers, the next-highest NBA teams, and possibly more than even any NFL team, "except maybe the Cowboys," one source said. Actually, in 2018, Forbes estimated that the Cowboys took in about $950 million in annual revenue, so the Warriors aren't there.

Kawakami also notes that a person from outside the organization said that the Warriors have "crazy money over there."

It's not surprising that the Warriors are basically able to do anything that they want from a financial standpoint. After all, Golden State is beginning their first season inside a new $500 million arena in San Francisco and have been to the NBA Finals in five consecutive seasons.

The Warriors have been the talk of the league in recent years after assembling a core group of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green. In addition, the franchise was able to lure Kevin Durant to the Bay Area for the past three seasons before he left to sign with the Brooklyn Nets.

In terms of North American sports, the Dallas Cowboys are the gold standard, with $950 million of total revenue in 2018. While the Warriors aren't quite in that realm yet in terms of annual revenue, they are continuing to trend upward.