WATCH: Cavaliers' LeBron James fires back at 'bum' heckler in Chicago

In case you were wondering, LeBron James' favorite thing to call haters is apparently still "bum." After using the insult to burn President Donald Trump on Twitter earlier this year (it was the most retweeted athlete post of 2017), the Cavaliers star used it against a heckler in Chicago this week. 

During Cleveland's 113-91 win over the Bulls on Monday, a Chicago fan seated near the Cavs bench was heckling James pretty good. It's unclear what sparked the chirping, but a video posted to Twitter begins with the fan telling James to "stop crying." LeBron wasn't having it and he decided to fire back at the mouthy fan.

The best part of the video is how much James' teammates -- namely Kevin Love and Jae Crowder -- seemed to be enjoying the whole exchange. This back-and-forth was clearly more exciting than what was happening on the floor at the time.

We can only assume that this was merely a portion of the verbal jousting, but LeBron's haymaker in the shown exchange was "I hope that ain't your girl next to you because she's filming me, bum." I've heard better and I've heard worse, but it sounds like a few people on the Cavs' bench got a lot of enjoyment out of that line. 

Anyway, heckle LeBron at your own risk, you bums.

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