WATCH: Cavs' LeBron James finds time for a beer during Game 1 against the Raptors


While LeBron ultimately decided to pass on the beer during Game 1, he joked afterwards that if it was red wine, he might have actually had a sip. "I'm not much of a beer guy ... If it had been red wine, I'd have drunk it," LeBron said during the postgame press conference. 

A noted wine enthusiast, LeBron once bet Draymond Green two bottles of wine -- back before the incident in the Finals last season -- on the outcome of a college football game, and has even been known to enjoy a glass while sitting in his driveway.

LeBron James started off Game 1 against the Raptors with a thunderous alley-oop off the backboard, and he hasn't stopped having fun all night. 

Late in the third quarter of the second-round series opener, LeBron drove through the lane and was fouled, but just missed the layup on the and-one attempt. As his momentum carried him toward the sideline, he came right into the path of a courtside server, who was carrying away an empty beer bottle. 

As she passed, LeBron grabbed the bottle from her hand, and pretended like he was going to take a swig. 

He is taking the Raptors very seriously, as you can tell. 

J.R. Smith's reaction is perfect.

J.R. is loving LeBron's joke.


God bless the NBA.

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