WATCH: Cavs players ride the subway in New York, LeBron ruins one man's commute

New York City is fine, but what's under New York City is spectacular. The Cleveland Cavaliers rode the subway for a commute, and they documented their commute, much to the chagrin of locals that were just trying to get to work. The entire team piled into a subway car, and LeBron James started taking video of Cleveland's ride through the underground.

JR Smith looks like the mother leading her ducklings across the street, as the entire Cleveland team is in tow behind him. The man clearly knows how New York works, while the rest of the team is just kind of along for the ride.

LeBron was so interested in a typical New Yorker's life that he decided to document it. It's hard not to feel bad for the people just trying to get to work -- they're on a train with a bunch of giants and it can't be comfortable to share space with people that big. The Cavaliers looked awestruck to be on the subway, with James documenting seemingly every one of his teammates' reactions.

This guy is the best part of the video. He reacts as anyone should: "I don't care how famous you are, get that camera out of my face." This guy just wanted to go to work, and now he's viral in a video taken by LeBron James. Life comes at you fast. This man is just sick of paparazzi documenting his every move.

The Cavaliers play the Knicks Monday night in what promises to be an interesting matchup. LeBron has made some pointed comments about the way the Knicks have been run in the past few years, so there should be quite a bit of jawing throughout the game. However, LeBron clearly loves New York, no matter what his feelings on the Knicks may be.

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