WATCH: Celtics' Isaiah Thomas defies physics, makes behind-the-backboard banker

In the third quarter of the Boston Celtics' 121-114 loss to the Detroit Pistons on Wednesday, guard Isaiah Thomas did something I've never seen before on any level. Even after watching it over and over, I can't quite figure out how it happened.

Words don't do it justice, but it was an behind-the-backboard bank shot. Thomas had drawn a foul and, as his momentum took him out of bounds, he launched the ball high up in the air. It came down, hit the glass and fell through the net, causing an extended eruption at TD Garden.

It didn't count, obviously, but who cares? Look at this:

The NBA's YouTube channel described it as a H.O.R.S.E. shot, but I'd like to see Thomas try that again while playing that game. Even the best trick-shot makers in the world would have trouble pulling this off.

Unfortunately for Thomas, this is not the best behind-the-backboard shot in Celtics history. You might remember this:

Sometimes, it's OK to be second-best.

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