WATCH: David Blatt pokes fun at Cavaliers after they gave up 148 points to Thunder

The Cleveland Cavaliers had a no-good, very bad day on Saturday. 

Putting in yet another abysmal display on the defensive end, the Cavs gave up a whopping 148 points in regulation to the Oklahoma City Thunder, who cruised to a 24-point victory. With the loss, Cleveland is now just 3-9 in their last 12 games, and -- just 1 1/2 games up on the Wizards in fifth -- are on the verge of not even being in position to get homecourt advantage in the first round. 

With their now weeks-long struggle continuing, the Cavs were likely already feeling pretty down when they woke up on Sunday. And it probably didn't help matters any that one of the first things everyone saw was David Blatt taking a shot at them before coaching in the All-Star Game over in Turkey.

"I hope we don't give up as many points as the Cavaliers gave up last night," Blatt said during the pre-game interview. 

Got 'em. 

Perhaps the best part is the little smirk the former Cavaliers coach makes right at the end of the clip. He's so proud of himself. 


David Blatt 148, Cavaliers 0. 

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