The Sacramento Kings earned their biggest win of the year on Saturday, stunning the world and the Golden State Warriors with a 109-106 overtime victory. Kings center DeMarcus Cousins had 32 points on 13 for 13 shooting, 12 rebounds and nine assists, and after the game he told reporters it was "our most complete game of the season," crediting his team for being "full of fight and full of heart." Before he entered the locker room, though, he also had words for his opponent.

Here's a video of Cousins raising two middle fingers and saying, "F--- Golden State," which is obviously not safe for work:

This is a good Rorschach test for how you feel about Cousins. If you were immediately repulsed, then you likely think that he's too emotional and abrasive, and you probably complain about his body language throughout games. If you laughed, then you probably appreciate Cousins for his competitiveness and the way he refuses to be anybody but himself.

Personally, I understand the concerns about Cousins, but I don't think this sort of thing is anything to get agitated about. Back in the 2014 playoffs, we all loved when Masai Ujiri said, "F--- Brooklyn," so this should be seen the same way.

One thing to keep in mind, though: The Warriors have one more regular-season game against the Kings next month, and there's a chance they'll meet again in the first round of the playoffs. They'll see this video, and they will probably not find it funny.