WATCH: Draymond Green says 'it's BS' that Klay Thompson was left off All-NBA teams

Another set of awards comes out, another set of players complaining about the results.

Never shy about speaking his mind, Warriors forward Draymond Green made a fuss during his media availability Thursday. Green made the All-NBA third team while fellow Warriors stars Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry both made the second team, but Green's beef came from the omission of another teammate, Klay Thompson.

"Yeah, I think it's b---s---," Green said when asked about Thompson not making any of the All-NBA teams. "When you look around the team, what'd we win, 67 games or something like that? ... I think Klay's one of our top three guys, you know, and to not to be on an All-NBA team, I think is pretty crazy.

"It's some guys on [the All-NBA teams], as scorers, averaging 20 points, and don't have as near as many wins as we have. So how he could be left out, I don't really understand it. You know, also the way Klay can defend. I don't understand it, but I guess they gotta find some way to punish us."

Punish the Warriors? What, like, for being too good? Being too much fun to watch? Green clearly likes to operate with a chip on his shoulder, but it would be great to see the rest of his evidence that the NBA and/or the media are trying to punish one of its most popular teams of all time.

When asked which players he would take off the team to make room for Thompson, Green didn't get specific, but he did mention that when it comes to selection he feels that "winning can't be that important."

You have to appreciate Draymond sticking up for his guy, but he really doesn't have much of a case. Since Thompson is a guard, he would have to replace one of either James Harden, Russell Westbrook, Curry, Isaiah Thomas, John Wall or DeMar DeRozan, all of whom had great seasons on teams with at least 47 wins.

The Warriors were certainly the best team in the NBA in the regular season -- that's not up for debate -- but in Thompson's case he was just squeezed out by players who had better individual years. That's the sacrifice you make when you're playing with three potential Hall of Famers. But if you ask Wall or DeRozan if they would trade their third-team spot to be in the Warriors' position in the playoffs, they would probably take it in a heartbeat.

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