WATCH: Dwight Howard blows Wizards coach a kiss after making free throws

There's something in the water right now in the NBA, because there was yet another fight in the NBA. This time between the Hornets and Wizards. Dwight Howard wasn't involved in the fight, but he ended up being the one who had to shoot the free throws in the fall out of it.

Michael Carter-Williams and Tim Frazier got into it, and both were ejected. Carter-Williams even raised his fists in response. However, after the dust settled, the Hornets had to shoot two free throws and the Wizards were able to pick who shot them. So Scott Brooks made the logical decision of picking Howard

The long-time free throw misser recently helped cost the Hornets a game with his 13 misses. However, he relished the opportunity when challenged. The Hornets crowd erupted in cheers for him. Howard made both and decided to let the Wizards know just how he felt with a blown kiss and an homage to Sam Cassell.

At this stage of the game, Charlotte was rolling toward a blowout, and Howard was off the floor because mostly backups were in. So, Brooks made him come back to shoot those free throws, and Howard made him pay for it.

It was amazing. It was funny. It was the exact type of pettiness that makes this league so great.

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