LeBron James and Dwyane Wade started this season together on the Cleveland Cavaliers, but after a surprising deadline-day deal, Wade is once again suiting up for the Miami Heat. The two went head to head on Tuesday night, when LeBron and the Cavs visited South Beach.

After playing half the season together, it was the first time this season that LeBron and Wade were on opposite sides. And it didn't take long for Wade to get the best of his best friend. 

In the second quarter, LeBron got Kelly Olynyk iso'd on the wing, and with eyes as wide as saucers, drove to the basket expecting to either easily score or get fouled. Basically, LeBron was expecting to do something similar to this. 

Instead, what he got was his shot swatted emphatically into the crowd by a helping D-Wade, who came over from the corner to provide some support for Olynyk. An incredulous LeBron couldn't believe it, but the replays showed the Heat guard got all ball. 

LeBron may be the far better player at this stage of their careers, but on this play it was Wade who stole the show.