Dwyane Wade never should have left the Heat. There are some players that should play their entire career for a single team. Wade made the correct business decision to leave Miami for the Bulls, and he made one more run at a title with LeBron James in Cleveland, but it never felt right. Wade needed to be back in Miami.

Well, wish granted. Wade was traded back to the Heat at the NBA trade deadline on Thursday. It was stunning, but it was great. Wade was back where he belonged and Friday night he made his return. He didn't start, but Heat fans were chanting his name from the very beginning.

Finally with a little over five minutes left in the first quarter, Wade entered the game. The crowd of course went nuts.

This was awesome. Wade is a legend in Miami and will have his jersey retired there one day. He got the hero's welcome he deserved and it was perfect.

This also signifies a new era of Wade in Miami. He came off the bench and his first play was a lob pass to Hassan Whiteside which got converted into a dunk. Wade is no longer the alpha of Miami, but rather an icon and veteran presence. He'll stand by and let the new era run the show while he helps out. A new role he'll thrive in.