The Golden State Warriors were without Stephen Curry on Friday night when they took on the Milwaukee Bucks, but they still picked up the win, 108-94. It wasn't, however, without a little drama. 

In the middle of the fourth quarter, when the game was still up for grabs, Klay Thompson took an outlet pass and went to the basket. On the way up, he took a hard, but clean, foul from Malcolm Brogdon and crashed to the floor on the baseline. His fall brought him near the first row of the crowd sitting alongside the court, and before he could get up, a fan decided it would be a good idea to start yelling at Thompson.

Why he thought that was something he needed to do is anyone's guess, but his decision earned him an early exit. Thompson seemed more confused than upset, but his teammate, David West, appeared to have some words in return for the fan. You can see West going back at him near the end of this video.

Obviously you cannot get in a player's face and start screaming at them in the middle of the game, and thus the fan was immediately escorted out of the arena by security.

After the game, Thompson said the fan called him a "b----," and said it was "unnecessary."

Credit to Thompson for keeping a cool head during the situation. No matter how much money you make, it's not fun to have someone scream that in your face.