If you haven't been paying attention to the NBA D-League dunk contest the past few years, then you might be unaware that D.J. Stephens is one of the most extraordinary dunkers in the world. If you're unaware that he's one of the most extraordinary dunkers in the world, then what he did in the Memphis Grizzlies' exhibition game against the Orlando Magic on Monday might shock you.


And another angle:

It's early, but it seems safe to say this will remain the best alley-oop of the preseason. The hangtime is incredible, and somehow Stephens failing to stick the landing makes it look even cooler. He dunked so hard that he fell down.

Final thought: It must be weird for Vince Carter to watch this from Memphis' bench.

(HT: Grind City Media's Alexis Morgan, WATN's Bryan Fenley)