WATCH: Hobbling Michael Beasley still calls for ball despite suffering ankle injury

Once unable to find an NBA job and relegated to China, Michael Beasley has carved his niche over the last few years as a bench scorer with absolutely no conscience.

Earlier this season he said he was as talented as LeBron James and Kevin Durant, and now, in the Knicks' first game of the season on Thursday against the Oklahoma City Thunder, Beasley's "get buckets at all costs" nature was on full display. On his very first touch of the 2017-18 season, Beasley swished a silky smooth jumper from the corner. Unfortunately, he landed on the foot of Russell Westbrook, twisting his ankle pretty badly.

Beasley meekly hobbled toward the other end of the court to play defense, essentially hopping on one foot. But when the Knicks got the ball back, you think only having one foot would stop Beasley from calling for the ball? Absolutely not.

Here's another look from a different angle.

This is perhaps the greatest moment of the young NBA season. What was Beasley going to do when he caught the ball? Shoot a 22-footer off one leg? Probably, but the point is he doesn't think about such things. When he's open in the corner, he's putting his hand up ... end of story.

Beasley exited the game and it was reported that he would not return, but X-rays on the ankle were negative. Hopefully that means he'll be back on the court soon -- besides Kristaps Porzingis, Beasley is probably the most exciting member of the Knicks this season.

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