WATCH: If MVPs play both ends, tough to top this Russell Westbrook sequence

Russell Westbrook struggled in Game 1 of the Thunder's first-round series against the Rockets, shooting just 6-for-23 from the field and turning the ball over nine times as the Rockets cruised to a 118-87 victory. 

But the MVP candidate has everything working in Game 2, as he showed on one spectacular drive to the rim midway through the second quarter. 

First, Westbrook got into the action on the defensive end, helping down into the paint to swat an alley-oop attempt out of Clint Capela's hands. He then quickly took the outlet pass and began his dash to the rim. 

As he was met by Lou Williams at midcourt, Westbrook spun right around him, and maintained control of the ball despite being fouled by the veteran. Right as he escaped Williams, though, Capela was bearing down on him from behind. 

No matter, as Westbrook whipped the ball around his back, which left Capela grasping at air, and then darted around a screen from Steven Adams to finish uncontested at the rim. 

This combination of incredible athleticism and fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants creativity is exactly why Westbrook is such a joy to watch. Even when he seems out of control, he's able to create an opportunity for his team more often than not. 

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