WATCH: Inside the NBA crew plays 'Go Fish' during halftime show of Cavs-Celtics

After getting shellacked in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals the Celtics might have been able to take some solace in the belief that things couldn't have gone worse. 

And then came Game 2. 

LeBron James said Game 1 was a feel-out game, and it turns out he was right, as the Cavaliers came out on a mission, putting the Celtics out of their misery in the first half, as they went into the break leading by an astounding 41 points. 

The massive deficit left the Inside the NBA crew with little to talk about at halftime, so instead, Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith decided to pass some time by playing "Go Fish."

Well that about sums things up. 

If anyone ever asks what happened during Game 2 of the 2017 Easter Conference finals, just tell them that Charles and Kenny spent the halftime break playing cards instead of talking about the game. 

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