WATCH: James Harden's remarkable run of 40-point triple-doubles continues

Russell Westbrook has made plenty of triple-double history this season as he chases Oscar Robertson for the most triple-doubles recorded in one year and tries to match the Big-O as just the second player to ever average a triple-double for a season. But the Thunder point guard isn’t alone in his history making. 

Coming into the season, James Harden had nine career triple-doubles. In 2016-17, he has 19. And he’s made that remarkable leap in historic fashion. While he’s not going to average a triple-double for the season (though he’s not far off with 29.2 points, 11.2 assists, and 8.1 rebounds), Harden has made history for the volume in which he’s scoring during those triple-doubles. 

Late in January against the Philadelphia 76ers, Harden put up 51 points, 13 rebounds, and 13 assists, to become the second player to ever record two 50-point triple-doubles in one season, and that wasn’t even his most prolific outing. On New Year’s Eve against the New York Knicks, Harden put up an absolutely ridiculous 53-point, 16-rebound, 17-assist triple-double, becoming the first player in league history to record a 50-15-15 game

Furthermore, Harden has also set the record for most 40-point triple-doubles in a season, breaking Robertson and Russell Westbrook’s shared mark of five on Friday night against the New Orleans Pelicans. On Saturday night against the Denver Nuggets, Harden added to that record, notching his seventh 40-point triple-double with 40 points, 10 rebounds, and 10 assists. 

No one in the history of the league had ever gotten more than five 40-point triple-doubles in one season before this year, and Harden just recorded two in a row during an all-road back-to-back. It’s absolutely absurd. What’s even more incredible is this isn’t even the first time this season that he has recorded 40-point triple-doubles in two games in a row! It wasn’t a back-to-back like this recent pair, but he did it in two straight games on Jan. 8 and Jan. 10. The man is just a machine. 

Now, let’s take a few minutes to watch him in action. First, with his highlights from Saturday night against Denver. Follow that up with a sweet package of the best play from each of his 40-point triple-doubles. 

It has truly been a blessing to watch Harden operate in Mike D’Antoni’s offense. 

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